Can You Get Travel Insurance That Actually Works

To say that holidaymakers are discouraged by travel insurance is an understatement. One of the top complaints made by people going on holiday is that travel insurance doesn’t do the job it’s designed to do, so they end up skipping it altogether. Unfortunately, this is not a good idea as if disaster strikes, you’re left without any coverage at all. It makes more sense to look for the best travel insurance companies that can take care of your needs.

Be sure that you’re looking at the entire picture when evaluating travel insurance. Choosing the right policy is more important than ever before.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you arrange cover before you have your trip booked. The insurance policy that works best is one that covers you for the things that can go wrong before the trip. Cancellations happen, and if you don’t have any cover you could be missing the money you put up for the trip.

Speaking of trips, think carefully about whether or not you’re trying to take more than one trip this year. You could save money by getting an annual plan that covers all of your travel destinations, rather than a single trip cover policy.


If you want cover that truly does the job right, you’re going to have to do some digging. Cheap cover is abundant, but every policy is different. There are exclusions galore, so it’s important to see inside the policy before you buy. If that means that you have to ask five thousand questions, so be it! This is something really important.

The nice thing for EU travelers is that they have ways to augment their travel insurance naturally. One way is the EHIC card, which is a card that lets you get the same cost for treatment as locals using the same hospital. If that means that a local in Switzerland wouldn’t pay for the treatment, neither do you. It only covers state-run facilities in EU countries, so make sure that you consider that as well. Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are additional countries that share in the EHIC policy. The card application is free; you just need to fill it out. Make sure that you hand over the card before you get services. If the services aren’t covered, you’re going to have to go elsewhere, or see if you can pay the rates.

You may have some travel insurance attached to your bank account, but don’t mix this up with what your credit card offers. The credit card offer is more along the lines of travel accident coverage, which only covers incidents where you’re hurt on a transportation vehicle connected with the trip. Hire cars, planes, and train accidents are covered, provided that you paid for them with the credit card in question.

A lot of people think this is travel insurance, and so they skip over getting real travel insurance. Don’t be fooled.

If you want travel insurance that works, you have to be perfectly honest with the insurance company. They have a reputation for wiggling out of genuine accidents, but there is also a level of fraud in the industry that’s downright terrible. It’s in your best interest to be completely honest about your health. If you get sick while on vacation and try to file an insurance claim, the company can use your preexisting condition that you didn’t disclose against you. But if they know about it upfront and choose to give you a policy anyway, then all of your bases are covered.

If you are over 65, getting travel cover that handles this group specifically is important. Accidents happen to anyone, but things are harder to recover from when you’re older. You want to make sure that you have coverage to take care of your needs, even if it might cost you a little more than when you were 35.

Feeling adventurous? Getting coverage for “extreme sports” or other adrenaline oriented activities is very important. Don’t just assume you’re covered for everything. When insurance companies sit down and make a policy, they’re imagining you being fairly active, but not so active that you’re going to be snowboarding and skydiving. If either of those things is on your list, you need to declare it up front to the company. Doing anything else runs the risk of your claim not being paid out.

We know that all of these tips may be hard to remember. But if you take the time to read through each policy carefully, you’re bound to find something that fits your journey. For example, group insurance may cover your family better than if everyone bought their policies separately. The only way to know is to check it out today!