Think You’re a Travel Hound? – Put Your Knowledge To the Test!

Being a travel hound means that above all, travel is your favorite hobby. It’s truly your passion, in more ways than one. While some people can rattle off a long list of places they’ve been, far fewer are able to ferret out those tiny details that really separate the “sometimes” traveler from the real jetsetters. So put aside the frequent flyer miles, the itineraries, and all of the gift shop wish lists and take this fast, friendly, and super-fun quiz.

By the way, this is the easiest quiz to take in the world. All you have to do is look at the picture provided and see if you know where it is. Will you get a Perfect 10, or will you have to go back to Travel 101?

You can find out, and then share your results on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Yet there’s more to this than meets the eye.

Expanding Your Horizons

No matter what you score on the test, let’s be honest: we can always add more places to travel. The world is incredibly huge, with many sights of wonder. Yet when we only stick to “the tried and true” list of places to go, we miss out on all of the little places that pop up every single day. That’s what this quiz is trying to highlight, when you really think about it.

Where Are You Quiz Header

Where do you want to go next? Can you find inspiration in travel magazines, or are they going to give you “the usual suspects” again?

In our opinion, the Internet is the new frontier for real travel exploration. There are a few reasons for that. The offline world is still controlled by very specific media outlets. They know that some people will not accept too many far flung places, so they tend to stick to a formula. After all, that’s what sells. But the online world has always been about people first and profitable things second. Indeed, it’s the blending of the two that makes the Internet even more powerful. Internet shoppers aren’t afraid to put their hard earned cash online, as long as they’re getting what they want.

Take the quiz, and then start doing some exploration of your own. After all, what do you have to lose? Your next travel destination could be right under your nose!